CALIFORNIA DESTINATION ORDERS: Orders of certain ceramic or glass items sold or shipped to the State of California will require a warning under a California statute, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, also known as “Proposition 65.” IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF OUR DISTRIBUTORS TO NOTIFY US IF THE ORDER HAS A CALIFORNIA DESTINATION, WHETHER SHIPPING DIRECT OR THROUGH A FULFILLMENT HOUSE.

*Lead free inks are available. These inks are brilliant but have limited dishwasher durability. Washing in a dishwasher will cause the ink to fade in time and the color will lose its luster. Hand washing is recommended for maximum ink life. For additional information on Prop. 65, go to

Products and logos shown in this catalog appear only to illustrate the basic products and the ability to include messages and art on them. They are not intended to suggest that the imprints are readily available to any purchaser without permission of the owners of the trademarks or copyrighted art.

Orders will be acknowledged by fax or email only. Please review acknowledgment carefully for accuracy and notify factory immediately of any discrepacies.

Hardware: Mac OS 10.5.4
Software: Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4, InDesign CS4
Removable Media: CR-R, CD-RW
Digital Art Submission: Fax or e-mail your purchase order and a copy of the artwork to your customer service consultant. • Indicate on the e-mail subject line your company name and P.O. number. Please provide vector art in an Illustrator file format (ai) or an “eps” along with a “pdf” file for art confirmation. We support “sit” and “zip” compressed files.

Art Specifications
We have the right to determine what is acceptable art for reproduction.

If the submitted art is not satisfactory, your order could be delayed and subject to additional art charges.

If any alterations are needed, art charges will incur at $47.25(G) per hour billed in 1/4 hour increments. Images from web sites, color printouts, business cards or faxed items are not acceptable for reproduction. Line drawings appropriate for direct screen printing can be rendered at a charge of $47.25(G) per hour.

All text must be converted to outlines. Do not embed art and include all linked files. Halftones between 20% - 70% are acceptable and will be screened at 55dpi.

Specify what ink colors are to be used on your purchase order. All files, if not set up in black and white must be in spot color.

If hard copy is only available, clean, sharp, black and white art will only be accepted. Multi-color art must be separated in black and white.

Photoshop art must be in black and white. Do not send in grayscale, RGB or CMYK mode. When scanning, please choose BiLIap mode using TIFF file format. Scan at 800-1200 resolution. Do not send low resolution GIF or JPEG files.

Placement of the artwork on the item must be clearly specified as to side 1, side 2, opposite handle or wraparound. Due to the shape, radius and taper of some of our items the artwork may be altered in appearance from the art submitted. Some of our glassware products have “seams” opposite the handle. We do not recommend wraparound imprints on these particular items. We reserve the right to size and position art if instructions are not provided. Listed imprint areas are subject to change.


Check with customer service for pricing and availability.

Not Available.

Cancellations can be phoned in, but must be followed by the copy being faxed, for confirmation purposes. You will be billed for any costs incurred prior to cancellation.

If there is an imprint color change on a same item, there will be a $26.25(G) screen wash charge. Changing from ceramic ink to a metallic ink or vice versa will incur a new screen charge of $46.00(G). ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FOR COLOR CHANGE IS 72 PIECES PER COLOR.

Due to the chemical nature and high firing temperature required of ceramic and glassware inks, exact color matches cannot be guaranteed. Cost to attempt a color match is $50.00(G) per color.

We will attempt to match your color selection as closely as possible using PMS numbers as a reference only. (PMS inks are made from organic material and are not available for use in the ceramic and glassware industry.) PMS colors such as rhodamine red, rubine red, hot pink, cyan, magenta, and bright purple cannot be achieved. A color on ceramic will differ from that on glass and that the appearance of a color is greatly affected by the item color on which it is imprinted. If you request a special PMS match, we suggest that you purchase a preproduction sample. If you choose not to purchase you will be required to sign a waiver agreement. Refer to article 40 for pre-production sample costs.

There is no PMS color match charge on exact repeat orders. However, there could be variations in imprint color from order to order. ABSOLUTE MINIMUM ON COLOR MATCHES IS 72 PIECES.

8. CO-OP PRICING [2,016 Pieces / Year Required]
To establish a Co-Op Program, you must submit a written request each year, enclosing program information and support materials. Purchase orders placed should state Co-Op Pricing. All Co-Op Programs will be subject to annual review. The account must be kept current to maintain Co-op Pricing.

$30.00(G) for each partial change of copy. Absolute minimum per change is 72 pieces.

Net 30 days with approved credit. 1.5% interest will be charged to accounts over 30 days old (APR 18%).

Should tight registration require the use of a decal, there will be an upcharge added to our normal pricing and your order will require additional lead time. Decal orders are subject to an overrun or underrun of up to 10%. The absolute minimum order for spot color decals is 144 pieces. Artwork must be submitted for review and quoting. Please contact your Customer Service Representative for: production schedule, proof/spec. sample charges, decal pricing and precious metal pricing.

$7.25(G) per drop ship location. All drop shipments must be made in full case increments.

Upon request, select mugs are available for 3 day turnaround after proof approval. Offer good on one color orders of 1008 pieces or less.

Faxed orders are acceptable, however, due to lack of clarity, faxed artwork is not suitable for re-production. Orders may also be e-mailed to

LIS adheres to the FDA guildelines limiting imprinting to the area 3/4” below the lip line.

16. F.O.B. POINT
All shipments are F.O.B. Factory: Bloomington, Minnesota.

Orders will normally be shipped freight prepaid and added to the distributor’s invoice. Lasting Impressions will bill any additional freight charges/cost incurred after invoicing such as inside/residential delivery, address corrections, etc. Distributors should note any special delivery instructions on their purchase orders. All merchandise shipped from our plant is inspected and signed for by the carrier as being in good condition. Title to the merchandise passes to the buyer upon release to the carrier. We do not guarantee on-time delivery or condition of the goods. Freight claims must be filed within 15 days of receipt of merchandise. If a claim is filed, the recipient must maintain possession of the goods and all packaging for possible inspection by the carrier. If you choose your own carrier/shipping account, you are responsible for filing a claim with the shipper. Tracking is not available for parcel post shipments and must be insured in order for a breakage claim to be filed. Deductions from your invoice for breakage or shortage are not authorized without contacting customer service. Minimum quantity to replace breakage is 36 pieces. Freight estimates provided as a service by the factory cannot be guaranteed.

For all items in our catalog: There may be variations in the hue and glaze of ceramics. Photos and actual samples may differ in color. Capacities and weights are approximate. Precious metal imprints, halos, bands and crowns are optional and invoiced accordingly.


(Alphabetical Listing)

Ceramic Inks
468 Beige*
--- Black
302 Spruce Blue*
279 Columbia Blue*
5 Slate Blue*
--- Reflex Blue
293 Royal Blue*
280 Blue*
281 Navy Blue*
490 Chocolate Brown*
124 Ceramic Gold*
423 Light Gray*
430 Gray*
431 Dark Gray*
3435 Green*
357 Forest Green*
362 Grass Green*
343 Hunter Green*
--- Iridescent Blue
--- Iridescent Copper
--- Iridescent Gold
--- Iridescent Green
--- Iridescent Silver
356 Kelly Green*
202 Maroon*
165 Orange*
184 Pink*
269 Purple*
485 Fire Engine Red*
160 Rust*
--- Satin Frost
465 Tan*
326 Lt. Teal*
329 Dk. Teal*
249 Violet*
--- White
116 Yellow*

*Similar to PMS Color

Metallic Inks
--- Copper**
--- 22K Gold**
--- Platinum**
--- Microwave Gold
--- Microwave Platinum

**See Article 28

We will insert business cards or similar material, if no folding is required, for $0.10(G) each. Contact customer service for custom quotes.

This service must be requested on P.O., if not, additional charges may occur and will be collected upon delivery.

Our lead time will vary depending on fluctuations in demand and availability of the product you are ordering. We will make every effort to ship within 2-3 weeks after receipt of acceptable art. We recognize that there are times when urgent requests are needed. Please call to arrange for delivery if it is necessary and will make every effort to accommodate you.

Refer to product pages for minimum on each item. If an order falls below the minimum, a less than minimum charge of $46.00(G) per color will apply.

Multi-Color Absolute Minimum is 72 pieces. Multi-colored imprinting is not available on all items. Contact customer service for details.

When imprinting with 2 or more colors, there exists the possibility of misregistration of approximately 1/16” from left to right. This tolerance must be considered acceptable.

Occasionally, out of stock situations may occur. Factory will suggest suitable substitution if applicable. If order is held until stock arrives, order will be rescheduled once ware is received at factory and will be prioritized based on capacity. Factory will not absorb expedited freight due to out of stock situations.

Overruns and underruns are subject to plus or minus 5% on one color orders, and plus or minus 10% on all multi-color orders; however, every attempt will be made to ship the exact quantity ordered.

For your protection and ease of handling, a decision will be made at the time of shipping whether your order needs to be palletized and shrink wrapped. The charge for this service is $10.00(G) per pallet.

All of our items can be personalized. Cost is $2.75(G) for one line. Additional lines are $0.63(G) per line.

Not Accepted.

Absolute minimum on orders using metallic inks is 72 pieces.
EXCEPTION: Absolute minimum for shot glass is 144.

• Halos, Bands and Crowns are not available on the Campfire Mug series.
• Use of Metallic inks on vitrified mugs not available due to dishwasher use.
• Metallic inks are not recommended on matte finish mugs or frosted glassware.

Microwave safe gold and platinum are available upon request. If not specified, standard metallic inks will be used which are not recommended for use in microwaves. None of the metallic inks are permanent and are not recommended for dishwasher use. Precious metal prices subject to change. Refer to price list or contact customer service for current precious metal pricing.

All product prices shown are coded (C) - subject to change without notice. Refer to our website or call customer service for pricing.

Normal production time is ten business days. Note: Production time begins after credit release and proof approval. Rush Orders: See article 36.

Paper proofs are e-mailed or faxed within two days at no charge on all new purchase orders. This proof must be reviewed by you and your customer, signed and returned, via fax, or e-mail before production will be scheduled. Once signed you are responsible for the final product.

Any alterations made on these proofs that are customer requested will be billed at $47.25(G) per hour. Once approved any additional costs and/or problems related to the artwork will be the customer’s responsibility.

Due to the characteristics of ceramic ware, there may be some quality variances and/or imperfections. These small blemishes are considered acceptable by the ceramic industry and should not be considered defective merchandise. The color of coffee mugs and ceramics may vary also within an order. We cannot guarantee that reorders will be of the same color shades as a previous order or spec. sample. These variances in the color of glazes within an order are also considered acceptable by the ceramic industry and should not be considered defective merchandise. Product origin, price, sizes, specifications, weights and color hue on ceramics are subject to change without notice.

Screen charges are not charged on exact repeat orders. Positives will be kept on file for a period of 24 months, then destroyed. Re-orders after 24 months may require new artwork and may be subject to new screen charges.

Returns will not be accepted without a return authorization number. Please call Customer Service for a return authorization number within 30 days of receipt of order.

A 15% surcharge per invoice reduces production time to three business days, with standard colors. This is after credit release and proof approval. (Minimum $30.00(net).)

Random sample requests should be made by fax or e-mail and are available at no charge, in reasonable quantities. These will be sent standard ground. If air freight, an air freight account number must be provided.

Screen charges are $46.00(G) per color. This charge includes up to five lines of straight-line typesetting. Exception: Multi-Screen Charge: If identical imprint is ordered on different items, the screen charge will be reduced to $23.00(G) per color on these. Note: See article 34 for information on repeat orders.

Additional Imprint Charges (per piece - 5C)
72 @ $0.76
144 @ $0.70
288 @ $0.67
576 @ $0.64
1008 @ $0.58

Truck and UPS are available. Repack charges of $7.50(G) are required for UPS, FedEx & USPS, which is added to the cost of freight. FedEx shipments will be charged $12.00(net) + repacks. In the St. Paul/Minneapolis market local courier service is available for $25.00 for up to 8 cases of product. Each additional case beyond 8 is $2.50 per carton. Parcel Post shipments will be charged $30.00(net) + repacks.

We are happy to help with any special requests. We buy direct from all major glass and ceramic suppliers. In addition, we can print on just about anything. Call for assistance.

Sample costs are $27.00(G) per color plus a screen charge of $46.00(G) per color. Additional costs incurred to produce the sample, such as art charges, color matches, etc. will be billed accordingly. Upon approval of speculative sample a resulting order of at least 144 pieces qualifies for a 100% rebate. These rebates apply to the pre-production sample cost only. All other charges are non-rebateable.

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